Dine Around

Loudoun First Responders Foundation (LFRF) invites the restaurant owners of Loudoun County to participate in the Dine Around program, with the purpose of raising funds and awareness in support of LFRF’s mission to financially support active Loudoun County first responder personnel facing needs arising from; injury, illness and conditions in the line of duty, and/or loss of active duty approved under the county’s Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or bereavement policy. Please join our efforts to help support the brave ones that are there to support us in time of need!

The restaurant donates a minimum of 10% of their daily proceeds for a specific time period: a specific day or a designated day every month.

LFRF offers support to the restaurant through their website, newsletter, e-newsletter, and press release. LFRF will also offer marketing materials, such as brochures, posters and table tents.

Make a difference in Loudoun County. Sign up today! Your support is truly appreciated!!!

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