Fire Safety

Fires can be caused by a variety of sources. It is your responsibility to prevent fires and take the necessary steps to protect yourself in the event of a fire. Follow the tips below to ensure you know what to do to stay safe from fire.

Educate yourself.

Identify potential fire hazards where you live and work. If you find a hazard, get it fixed as soon as possible.

Engage in fire safe behaviors.

In the kitchen:

  • Never leave cooking food unattended.
  • Keep combustibles and children 3 feet away from hot appliances.


  • Electric cords should not be placed under rugs or pinched between furniture.
  • Cords that are frayed, cracked, or broken should be replaced.
  • Use a surge protector if multiple units must be plugged in.
  • Extension cords should not be used as permanent wiring.


  • Candles should be placed on sturdy surfaces and extinguished when you leave the room or go to sleep.


  • If you smoke, do so outside.
  • Dispose of cigarette butts and ashes in a metal or ceramic container filled with sand.
  • Keep the container away from the house, deck, or porch and empty it often.
  • Keep lighters and matches away from children.


  • Have your chimney and/or heating appliances inspected annually by a professional.
  • Turn off space heaters when you leave a room or go to sleep.

Protect yourself.

Install smoke alarms in your home.  They should be place in every bedroom, outside sleeping areas, and on every level of the home.  Test smoke alarms monthly. Replace smoke alarms every 10 years or sooner if they are not working properly.

Have a plan.

In the event of a fire, know what to do.  A home escape plans are a simple and easy way let all family members know what to do if there is a fire in the home.  Draw a map of your home and identify two ways out of each room. Remember windows can be exits in an emergency. Teach children how to escape on their own in case you are unable to help them. Designate a meeting place outside. Practice your plan twice a year.

What to do it there is a fire…

  • Get low and go. Stay low to avoid breathing in toxic smoke and gases and get out of the house as quickly as possible.
  • Feel the door for heat.  If it is hot there is likely fire behind it so you will need to proceed to your second way out. If the door is cool proceed cautiously.
  • Once outside go to the designated meeting place.
  • Call 911 once you are outside.
  • Once you are out, stay out. Never go back inside a burning building for any reason.



Loudoun County Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Management
801 Sycolin Road Suite 200
Leesburg, VA 20175

703-777-0333 (Administrative Offices)
Emergency – 911
Non-emergency – 703-777-0637


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