Board of Directors

Allison P. Shannon, Director
President & CEO, 37 Media & Marketing Group

What Do You See As Your Role on the Board?

I am beyond honored and humbled to serve on the Loudoun First Responders Board of Directors. It is an absolute privilege to be able to support First Responders when they simply need us most. It is a huge opportunity to be able to help those who sacrifice for us every day. I am so proud to be on this board. My role as a board member is to manage social media by creating fun, engaging, impactful graphics and messaging that speaks to the mission of the Foundation while also assisting in fundraising and community relationships.

How has the Foundation, in your opinion, most impacted the Loudoun Community?

The Foundation has impacted the community by supporting First Responders and their amazing families in THEIR time of need. To be able to assist in taking away some of the financial burden so that they are able to focus on their recovery and their families without additional hardship is the best way to say THANK YOU for all of the hard work and sacrifice they make for us. I love that the board also supports the children of First Responders through our scholarship programs, this is so meaningful. First Responders are here to protect us, to keep us safe. They run straight toward the danger when instincts tell you to run as quickly as you can the other way. To be able to support those who unconditionally sacrifice for this community truly has immeasurable impact on our First Responders and their families in our community.

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