Board of Directors

Barbara Piltman, Secretary

What Do You See As Your Role on the Board?

It is a privilege to be on the Loudoun First Responders Foundation board. This Foundation has a special place in my heart due in large part to my late husband, Stu Plitman, Founder. He was passionate in supporting local First Responders and their families. I too share that passion and will continue to expand awareness of the Foundation and assist in any way to support our mission.

How has the Foundation, in your opinion, most impacted the Loudoun Community?

First Responders’ duties bring them into harm’s way everyday. When First Responders are injured or there are other situations that have occurred the Loudoun First Responders Foundation is there ready to provide financial aid in their time of need. The Foundation also offers scholarships to the children of the First Responder families on their merit.

I think the Foundation has done a wonderful job in raising funds for our First Responders in need and bringing awareness to the community the protection they give us.

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