Board of Directors

Laura Rinehart, Director
Public Information Officer, Loudoun County Fire and Rescue System

What Do You See As Your Role on the Board?

I am honored to hold a position on the Loudoun First Responders Foundation Board. This position allows me to provide lucrative access to the fire and rescue system for the board and increased visibility for the foundation within the system. As a first responder, I understand the inherent dangers of the work we do and how injuries and illness can affect our careers and livelihood. This firsthand knowledge allows me to help LFRF engage with the first responders it’s assistance impacts the most.

How has the Foundation, in your opinion, most impacted the Loudoun Community?

Public Safety personnel are there to respond when you are in need, so when it hits us at home, it’s often difficult to ask or accept help. The gracious support that LFRF provides for first responders in their time of need takes some of the burden away so they can focus on recovery and family. LFRF has also done a very good job of engaging the community and educating them about the importance of supporting the very same first responders who are there to protect them.

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